5 mental health greeting cards (and who to send them to)

Neurodiversity is Neat

When a friend or a loved one - or even you - are diagnosed with a mental health condition, sometimes finding the right words can be difficult. I know it was for me. After being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, it took awhile for me to be okay with it. I was confused and I felt defeated. Family and friends had a hard time with my openness about my diagnosis (at first) and I don’t blame them.

New  mental health greeting cards  celebrate neurodiversity and make it easier for us all to support our loved ones and ourselves.

New mental health greeting cards celebrate neurodiversity and make it easier for us all to support our loved ones and ourselves.

Conquering shame

But here is something I’ve learned. A mental health diagnosis isn’t shameful - it is just a diagnosis. Think of it as a roadmap. It’s something that gives you the clarity you need to find the right treatment and to make the right changes in your lifestyle so that you can be healthier and happier. I wish I had been diagnosed years ago! But I’m happy to have my roadmap now.

Finding the right words

When I created this second collection of mental health greeting cards, I thought about the words I wanted to hear on those days when I couldn’t overcome that feeling of defeat. Here’s what I want you to take to heart: Every step you take towards your best self is a victory. So why not celebrate?

5 people to send a mental health card to

1. Send a note to your therapist

Hey, you’re in therapy and that means you’re thriving. Saying thanks to your therapist for being there through good times and bad goes a long way.

2. Celebrate a friend who is prioritizing their mental health.

They’ve conquered negative self-talk, spent time caring for themselves, and are maintaining a health routine that could be completely new. That’s something to be proud of.

3. Write a letter to yourself and see how far you’ve come.

While you’re at it, play a little game of mental health bingo and work hard on crossing them all off. In a year from now, you’ll be amazed at how your life has changed for the better.

4. Support a friend whose achieved sobriety.

Achieving and maintaining sobriety is no easy feat. Having a friend celebrating that monumental accomplishment by your side means the world.

5. Say a kind word to a friend coping with their mental health diagnosis.

It’s okay not to have the right words after a friend (or you) are diagnosed with a mental health condition. It takes time to accept it, and turn it into a positive force in your life. But there’s one thing a diagnosis is not and that is defeat. You’re stronger because you’re empowered with knowledge about your own health and well-being. And the best is yet to come.

I’d love to hear who you’d send these greeting cards to.